4 reasons to throw an Office Christmas Party

4 reasons to throw an office christmas party london

It can be easy to assume that throwing an office Christmas party is not worth the hassle. Many TV shows and films have cast a humorous, yet negative, light on these parties portraying them as full of affairs, anti-social behaviour and extreme drunkenness. The reality is that office Christmas parties are more likely to be fun, laid back events that allow colleagues to mingle, celebrate and have a good time. Aside from being enjoyable, there’s actually some really important, positive reasons to throw an office Christmas party.

  1. A perfect ‘thank you’

Life can be busy, work can be stressful and many bosses may not find the time to say ‘thank you’ as often as they’d like. Throwing a Christmas party is a great way to show employees that you appreciate their hard work and support. The party not only celebrates Christmas but the workforce as a whole and you can also use it to congratulate the team on any successes the business has experienced throughout the year.

  1. It raises staff morale

Having something to look forward to keeps people in high spirits. Having a Christmas party on the calendar is a reminder during stressful or busy times that an evening of relaxing and socialising in on the horizon. Keeping staff morale high usually encourages employees to be happier within their job which therefore ensures they work harder and produce better results. High morale does not just induce happiness but also confidence, outlook, job satisfaction and productivity.

  1. Team building and bonding

A lot of people see their colleagues more often than their own personal friends, especially in a full-time job. However, just because they work together it doesn’t mean they necessarily know each other nor find the time or common ground to build friendships. A social event is the perfect way for staff to form bonds, make friends and learn more about each other. The long-term effects of this are hugely important. Teams that respect each other and like each other will undoubtedly work even better together and the workplace atmosphere will improve.

  1. Start the new year on a high

It’s already been stated that a Christmas party is a great way to say thank you for the year just passed. It is also a brilliant way to ensure that the new year starts on a positive note as well. By creating happy memories, staff will have something to look back on with fondness as they prepare for another year of hard work. They’ll go into it with enthusiasm, respect, gratitude and some new budding friendships…and perhaps even excited for next year’s Christmas party!

As you can see, the positives to hosting an office Christmas party are huge. If you’re looking for Christmas party venues, be sure to find one that caters for all your needs, be it bar facilities, catering, something fun or something sophisticated. There are an abundance of options in London, from exclusive Christmas parties to shared christmas parties. If you’re looking for your perfect venue, contact us today for more information.

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