Skates and Smiles: A Frosty Delight at Somerset House – The Ultimate Corporate Christmas Party on December 15, 2022

When December arrives, it’s time to jingle all the way, and the team at a bustling facilities services company knew just how to do it. On 15th December, 2022, Somerset House, a historic masterpiece in the heart of London, became the canvas for their memorable corporate Christmas party. With a jubilant team of 100 attendees ready to don their skates, it was a night of frosty festivities and holiday cheer. In this blog post, we’re going to skate through the evening’s events and savour the warmth of this winter wonderland.

The Venue: Somerset House’s Icy Oasis

Choosing Somerset House as the venue was a stroke of brilliance. Nestled beside the River Thames, this historical landmark transforms into a magical winter haven during the festive season. Its crowning glory is the ice-skating rink, which served as the heart of the evening’s activities. Surrounded by the grandeur of neoclassical architecture and shimmering lights, Somerset House provided the perfect setting for this frosty delight.

Lacing Up and Laughter: The Facilities Services Company Takes to the Ice

The highlight of the evening was undoubtedly the ice-skating experience. Attendees laced up their skates, donned their scarves and mittens, and took to the ice with glee. It was a heartwarming sight, watching colleagues glide and twirl on the rink, with the iconic Somerset House courtyard as their backdrop. The rink echoed with laughter and the shared joy of the season.

Dinner with a View: Culinary Delights in a Historical Setting

Before the ice-skating revelry, the facilities services company’s team indulged in a delectable dinner at one of Somerset House’s charming dining areas. The culinary journey was a treat for the senses, featuring a menu that ranged from traditional holiday favourites to international flavours. The grandeur of Somerset House’s historical interiors added an air of sophistication to the evening.

Entertainment: Skating on the Dance Floor

As the evening progressed, it was time to kick off the dance floor festivities. A live band provided the soundtrack to the night, filling the air with melodies that inspired guests to groove and celebrate. Colleagues who had been gliding on the ice earlier in the evening were now twirling and twerking on the dance floor, proving that they could dance as well as they skated.

Shared Stories: Celebrating the Year’s Triumphs

The facilities services company’s employees shared stories and celebrated the year’s accomplishments. The informal setting allowed for colleagues to step away from the desk and interact on a more personal level. It was a time for bonding and reminiscing about the year’s achievements.

The Grand Finale: Fireworks Over the Thames

The corporate Christmas party reached its zenith with a breathtaking fireworks display over the River Thames. Colleagues watched in awe as the night sky was painted with vivid colours and patterns. The sparkling display was the perfect ending to an evening that celebrated not only the company’s successes but also the festive spirit of the season.

In conclusion, the corporate Christmas party at Somerset House on December 15, 2022, was a remarkable and heartwarming event. The combination of an enchanting venue, ice-skating, culinary delights, lively entertainment, and a magnificent fireworks display ensured that this celebration was a night to remember. As colleagues said their goodbyes, they carried with them the memories of a festive evening that celebrated the company’s achievements and the warmth of the holiday season. Here’s to more successful endeavours and many more corporate Christmas parties filled with skating and smiles in the future!

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