Inside the Spectacular Vegas Exclusive Christmas Party: A Glittering Extravaganza at Bloomsbury Big Top

Ho, ho, ho! Gather ’round, party enthusiasts, because I’ve got the inside scoop on the Christmas party of the year. If you missed out on the Bloomsbury Big Top’s Vegas Exclusive Christmas Party this December 6th, 2022, you’ll wish you hadn’t! Let me take you on a virtual tour of the glitz, glamour, and all-around fabulousness that unfolded at this exclusive shindig.

Picture this: You arrive at the Bloomsbury Big Top, and it’s like stepping into your very own Las Vegas extravaganza. The venue has been transformed into a dazzling wonderland, and you’re welcomed by none other than the stunning Vegas showgirls, bedazzled from head to toe. Yes, you heard that right, and the excitement only goes up from here!

To kick off the night in style, you’re ushered into the Vegas Palace Lounge, where a glass of bubbly awaits you during the welcome reception. Sip on your favourite fizz and mingle with your fellow partygoers as you soak in the Vegas vibes. It’s a perfect start to a night filled with sophistication and pizzazz.

And then, the grand moment arrives. You’re called into the Starlight Ballroom, a sight to behold. With its feature central stage and glistening table centres, you’re in for a treat. It’s here that you’ll indulge in a delectable three-course dinner that tantalizes your taste buds and leaves you craving more.

But the entertainment is what really sets this Christmas party apart. Throughout dinner, you’re treated to a spectacular Vegas dance show and world-class performances that will leave you absolutely awestruck. From award-winning performers to outstanding aerialists and jaw-dropping stage acts, it’s a night of pure enchantment. Trust me, you won’t want to blink; you might just miss something amazing!

After the fabulous dinner, it’s time to hit the downtown strip. No, not the real Las Vegas, but a close second! There’s a Vegas disco where you can dance the night away, a fun casino for those feeling lucky, and a photobooth to capture those memorable moments.

And let’s not forget the coffee station with mints, where you can refuel for even more dancing and merriment. You might even have the chance to meet and greet the enchanting Vegas girls in person, making the night even more memorable.

The party keeps on giving with a Vegas dance troupe, a fantastical photobooth, a professional disco and DJ to keep the tunes rolling, a fantastic fire act that will leave you wide-eyed, and amazing ambient lighting that sets the mood just right. And if that’s not enough, there are LED hoops, and the entire venue is decked out in Vegas theming, so you truly feel like you’re on the famous Strip.

In short, the exclusive Christmas party at Bloomsbury Big Top was a night of pure magic and extravagance, exclusively hired by a pharmaceutical company for their 450 employees. It had all the glitz and glamor of Las Vegas right in the heart of London. From the stunning Vegas showgirls and the sumptuous three-course dinner to the world-class performances and Vegas-themed fun, it was a night that will be remembered for years to come.

So, if you missed out this time, don’t make the same mistake next year. Make sure you’re on the guest list for the Vegas Exclusive Christmas Party at Bloomsbury Big Top. It’s a night you’ll never forget, filled with dazzling memories and the spirit of Christmas wrapped in a Vegas bow. Get ready to be amazed, dazzled, and thoroughly entertained!

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